JACKSON, Miss. – In just days chances are you’ll hear sounds of fireworks popping for the new year.

“The first thing you want to do is obey all local laws associated with firework activities,” Jackson Fire Captain, Roderick Dyson said.

This means finding out if you can light fireworks in your neighborhood.

“They always supposed to be used on outdoors only away from vehicles homes buildings and one of my biggest pet peeves are areas of high vegetation,” Dyson explained.

Reading the label on the back of fireworks is one mandatory safety measure.

“They can be very dangerous, fireworks nowadays they’re strong enough to penetrate windows which can cause a house fire,” Dyson said.

The Jackson Fire Department says you should never hold fireworks.

“Those (sparklers) can cause third degree burns so you dont want to let kids hold sparklersm,” Dyson said.

You should even consider using safety goggles when lighting them.

“Know the behavior of the fireworks know how far they going to shoot another safety precaution is always keep a bucket of water and a fire hose,” he said.

They also say remember to be courteous to drivers when lighting them in the roadways.

“They’re very distracting peple driving by fireworks distract people,” Dyson explained. “It can cause an accident.”

Lastly JFD gives this message to adults who may have drinks this holiday.

“Do not drink while drinking fireworks save that for after.”

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