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Thanksgiving through the Christmas holidays is traditionally the time of the year crime dramatically increases, but the Sylvester Police Department wants to make sure you do not become a victim this season.

The holidays are a time of happiness, shopping and unfortunately theft.

Sylvester’s Assistant Chief of Police Kenneth Washington said this time of the year is a time for people to be cautious. 

“So we like to educate our citizens how not to be victims by simple little tips you can do,” said Washington. 

Police suggest ideas like making sure nothing valuable like purses or shopping bags are left in plain view inside your car.

“When someone passes by they see that and they attempt to get it by breaking a window or going inside the vehicle,” explained Washington. 

He also encourages people to check their surroundings before getting out of their car. 

“Assess the situation, see what’s going on. Make sure nobody is watching you or standing around. If that be the case, then drive around to another location,” encouraged Washington. 

These ideas are great when you are out shopping but what about home safety?

“I know the Christmas tree is beautiful and all the gifts under the tree is beautiful, well that’s what a thief likes to see, all those gifts under the tree,” said Washington. 

Washington explained that making sure your windows are not open while you’re not home and when you do leave, don’t log your location on social media.

“Cause people look at Facebook and see that you’re not home, they are going to come and break into your home,” added Washington.

These suggestions are meant to make your holiday a safe, secure and joyful one.

“Just be watchful that’s the main thing you have to do,” said Washington.

The Sylvester Police Department has also increased patrols in neighborhoods to try and cut down on the crimes through the holiday season.  

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