Chitty signed the Nov. 6 injunction, calling for 20-foot earthen backstops, bullet traps, shooting tubes and a fence along the boundary to Catfish Corner, a business run by one of the plaintiffs.

There are conditions in the judge’s order by which Lonestar Gun Club and Redneck Resort can operate a 100-yard rifle range, 600-yard rifle range, “full-auto” pistol-rifle range and shotgun range. The club said on its website that it has been made safer and if all goes well, it will reopen to members in early December.

The plaintiff neighbors, meanwhile, have rights to inspect the improvements before the range can reopen. The judge also asked their lawyers if the attorney general’s office needed to be made a party in the case.

“It’s not my motion and I’ve never challenged constitutionality,” said Xerxes Martin, who represents neighbors to the range including Billy Benson, Dr. Randolph Gillum and Tom Truitt. “We disagree that it’s unconstitutional.”

Martin attacked the range attorneys’ motion that the NRA Range Manual was generally unavailable. He provided the court a link to several libraries and a sale of the publication on eBay.

“Defendants could have hired someone with expertise in range design that could have designed a shooting range that would exceed the minimum standards,” the plaintiffs’ response said. “This court should not rule the statute unconstitutional simply because defendants did not take the steps necessary to meet the standards.”

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