There’s not significantly being held again in the jeers hurled from the picket to these crossing the line to operate. At the union protest outdoors the Longford gas plant in Gippsland, accusations that scabs “betray the spirit of Eureka” are directed towards all those in sight of the picket line amid a cacophony of recorded monkey noises and other cries from the crowd. 

A sombre phone, “Remember 1998!” rings from a single megaphone, referencing the catastrophic explosion at the plant that killed two workers. Every person on the picket has read the reports that a couple months ago, one of the strikebreakers produced a oversight that introduced the plant near to an additional disaster of the similar scale.  

Soon after virtually 150 days picketing, the strength and commitment of these sacked routine maintenance workers remains strong, seemingly unshakable. It’s obvious that their solve is buoyed by their understanding of the importance of this dispute. 

“We want to stop other businesses employing the very same strategies to undermine their staff, mainly because if we allow for this to maintain on happening, quickly there’ll be practically nothing left”, describes Troy, a maintenance employee on the Bass Strait oil rig and an Australian Manufacturing Workers’ Union delegate. 

Troy, like the other individuals, was utilized by UGL, which has the routine maintenance agreement for the jointly owned Exxon Cellular-BHP oil rig and gasoline processing plant. The dispute started off nearly 5 months back when UGL sacked Troy and all around 200 other qualified routine maintenance personnel. It provided them their positions back again if they agreed to work underneath an inferior enterprise agreement. 

It is an intense tactic meant to split the again of a perfectly-unionised workforce and wreck the wages and circumstances fought for and won more than a long time of struggle. The corporation has effectively employed the same approach at a quantity of websites UGL is contracted to sustain, such as at Altona in Melbourne and Darwin.  

The agreement UGL is striving to drive its employees onto would minimize wages by 30 percent and introduce an open-finished roster that would let the enterprise to roster them for two, three or extra weeks straight prior to they can entry a single week off. Even then the enterprise would like the electricity to cancel that one particular week if it deems it essential.

A roster like this has been blamed for a raft of suicides at the Inpex LNG plant at present beneath development in Western Australia. Refusing to be blackmailed into signing away their wages and problems, the staff turned down taking their jobs again on the company’s phrases. As a substitute, with the assist of their unions, the AMWU, ETU and AWU, they immediately set up a protest web page outside the plant.

I was at Longford on working day 148 of the picket, and the mood was resolute. Only a minority of the sacked workers have long gone back to do the job most are holding out. The entrance to the picket is adorned with Eureka flags and the painted delivery container from the CUB picket past year, a reminder of the virtually similar 185-day dispute that ended with a victory at the brewery in Abbottsford. 

Referencing the CUB dispute is a reminder, not just that victory is possible, but also that this is not an isolated fight. These personnel can see that bosses in all places are exploiting industrial guidelines to push down wages and ailments. They are aware that the force back will be led by the best organised sites, like their have. “If we keep on to fight this, with the aid we’re having, we’ll battle right until we win”, Troy claims confidently. 

As lunch rolls all around, a crowd of development staff in orange coveralls stream into the picket and share sausages from the barbecue with us. They are building a new segment of the plant nearby. Each and every working day they share lunch with the picketers. They also each individual make a generous weekly donation to the strike fund, which Troy says “keeps them going”. Talking about the significance of a gain, a single of the building staff states, “This is just the start of it if it transpires right here, then we’ll see it at the subsequent EBA and the upcoming and the next”.

This picture of dominoes slipping seems to in shape what is taking place here. Management has picked off segment by section of the workforce and experimented with to isolate the Longford staff. This is why the solidarity of other personnel and the help of the community are vital to retaining the determination of the picketers. “Sometimes you have got to choose a stand and fight for a cause”, says the design worker, “this is a fight value fighting”.

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