HYANNIS – The Pilgrim Nuclear Electrical power Station in Plymouth is creating sluggish development in improving upon general performance, in accordance to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

A third quarter inspection report of the plant provided seven new “green” violations, which are of really small protection importance.

NRC Spokesman Neil Sheehan claimed 4 of the violations were immediately related with the facility’s previous refueling and maintenance outage last spring.

“During the program of that outage there was a amount of exams that were being done on important products of the plant,” he claimed.

“That led to the identification of a number of upkeep shortcomings on the section of plant personnel.”

The correct upkeep timetable for a part of a single of the primary security reduction valves for the plant experienced not been correctly adopted.

“The solenoid coil for the basic safety aid valve should have been replaced sooner,” Sheehan said. “In actuality, it had not been changed for 20 a long time.”

A second violation was observed in one particular of the protection system, recognized as a Core Spray Procedure.

“There was a void that created, an air pocket that designed, in just one of the lines for this security process that rendered it inoperable,” he claimed.

“This ailment existed for a time period of time and must have been determined faster.”

Even though the violations are “green,” it does not imply they really do not warrant attention, in accordance to Sheehan.

“The simple fact that we have issued these violations suggests that they have to be placed in the plant’s corrective action software and then we will stick to up to be certain they have taken actions to remedy these concerns,” Sheehan mentioned.

Two of the violations had been recognized as part of follow-up inspections executed in response to an difficulty determined in the course of the outage.

There is an increased quantity of plant activity and NRC inspection exercise all through refueling outages and it is not out of the common for there to be an greater range of concerns discovered, in accordance to the NRC.

The NRC issued a confirmatory motion letter to the plant before this calendar year which outlines where by the company is in its oversight procedure. The first of 5 comply with up team inspections will start prior to the stop of the year.

“These inspections that we will be executing, starting right before the conclusion of the yr, will really go a extended way toward telling us where by they are in conditions of responding to some of the problems referred to as out in our confirmatory action letter for Pilgrim,” Sheehan claimed.

Pilgrim, which is 1 of the worst performing reactors in the country, remains below column 4 of the NRC action matrix, which is the maximum level of oversight.

Entergy, the plant’s proprietor, programs to shut down the reactor in the spring of 2019.

Sheehan stated it is continue to as well quickly to explain to if the plant will be capable to be removed from column 4 oversight ahead of it is shut down.

“We nevertheless have quite a little bit of diagnostic get the job done to see what type of advances they are creating,” he said. “But it is truly going to count on the amount of hard work place into this by the corporation and regardless of whether we find that satisfactory.”

Entire aspects of the seven “green” violations from the 3rd quarter inspection can be identified beneath.

The Non-Cited Violations are:

  • Entergy unsuccessful to build an ample process to deal with a decline of control room air conditioning and ensure that equipment there would keep on being in just suitable temperature restrictions (for command area habitability) beneath particular accident problems. The technique was drastically revised on April 27, 2017, and corrective actions provided a system and timeframes for shedding electrical hundreds.
  • Entergy unsuccessful to establish an appropriate preventive servicing schedule for the substitution of non-metallic elements inside to the solenoid valve for one particular of the plant’s 4 safety reduction valves (SRVs). Especially, the SRV’s solenoid coil was not changed for 20 several years, which exceeded the specified environmental competent daily life and alternative frequency. As a result, the SRV unsuccessful screening on April 24, 2017. The firm has replaced all of the SRVs’ solenoid valves.
  • The firm changed differential stress switches for the High-Strain Coolant Injection (HPCI), reactor h2o cleanup and Reduced-Strain Main Injection (LPCI) units but unsuccessful to upgrade their environmental qualification status, as essential by the NRC.
  • Entergy did not properly create techniques for filling and venting the “A” main spray program, a single of two trains of the program, which is a reactor protection procedure that can be applied to inject coolant into the reactor vessel all through an crisis shutdown. As a final result, the system was returned to company in May possibly 21, 2017, with a 2-inch void in the “A” coach, rendering it inoperable. It remained in that situation until it was loaded and vented on June 7, 2017, which exceeded the Specialized Technical specs authorized outage time.
  • The corporation did not properly build maintenance methods for upkeep on Significant-Strain Coolant Injection (HPCI) turbine exhaust valves, which led to the valves exceeding the 10-calendar year disassembly and inspection timeframe. As a end result, the security-relevant major containment isolation check valves(test valves are 1-way valves that generally make it possible for fluid to circulation as a result of them in only just one direction)failed for the duration of the tests. In response, Entergy rebuilt 1 of the look at valves and disassembled and cleaned an additional of the valves. It also changed the upkeep treatment for the valves.
  • Entergy did not justify and document the basis for the activation strengthutilized to set up the Most important Steam Isolation Valve (MSIV) restrict swap silicon rubber gasket qualified provider existence, as specified by an NRC Regulatory Guidebook. Precisely, the corporation made use of non-conservative values without having offering adequate justification when extending the skilled support life for the silicon rubber gaskets.
  • Entergy unsuccessful to put into practice a vendor-advisable modification to deal with Most important Steam Isolation Valve (MSIV) stem destruction induced by an unstabilized key poppet valve. As a final result, two MSIVs seasoned problems that was recognized through area leak price tests of the valves. In reaction, the corporation overhauled the valves, altering packing on all 8 MSIVs and delivering procedural advice for closing an MSIV during reduced electricity operations.

By BRIAN Merchant, NewsCenter

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