Well-penned maintenance techniques never deal with each individual contingency. Rather, they are made to guarantee the exact same upkeep actions are executed just about every time. One objective of schooling should be to assure individuals ways are done the exact same way just about every time.

Because people procedures are lean, they from time to time leave holes. An electrician executing preventive upkeep (PM) may possibly recognize anything not lined by the PM. If the electrician merely fixes it, then there is no background and the issues just proceed.

So these “outside the PM” difficulties should be described. They involve these issues as bad lighting, poor workmanship, housekeeping troubles, National Electrical Code (NEC) violations, visible problems to conductors, and even squeaky hinges on cabinet doorways.

What need to management do about the claimed complications? In 1 plant, every time an issue arose in the study course of a PM, one more merchandise was additional to the PM procedure. This ultimately produced each PM course of action so cumbersome no one would use it.

Management at last came to terms with this situation. They stripped out all of the “we located this challenge once” ways that had been included. Then they viewed as what from this record could be mentioned in similar teaching. They also developed a record of things to point out in the everyday safety speak (only a single merchandise for each basic safety discuss).

A recommendation right here is to insert a single line to each individual PM: “Other issues not included by the PM.” Up coming to this have a checkbox for “Repaired” and a further for “Reported only.”

A thing like an oil spill would be resolved immediately. Something like a missing knockout in a box or a messy wire loom in a regulate cupboard would be viewed as mend ticket substance.

Something that is an NEC violation (these kinds of as that missing knockout) should really be taken care of like the proverbial canary in the mine. Have the maintenance ticket mention the unique dilemma to be fixed. But also have instructions to appear for (and maintenance) identical NEC violations in the fast spot.

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